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By listening to our customer base, Allen Trench Safety has been able to create Badger Trench Boxes that are not only compatible with the products we previously sold, but that can also be enhanced with solutions we have created for the challenges our customers face.

The Most Rugged Aluminum Trench Boxes on the Market

We set out to create a trench box that is lightweight, durable, and tough as nails. Something that would be interchangeable with trench boxes we have sold in the past while allowing us to implement changes to improve the product based on feedback we’ve received from our customers.

Having been in the trench safety industry for 20 years, we know that every job site is different and provides a variety of challenges. Badger Box’s lightweight design makes it the perfect trench box to be transported to the job site by any size pickup truck and set in place with a mini excavator. This trench box is a must have for any plumber, municipality, power, or gas company.

We are a small, family-owned and operated business, and we are proud to say Badger Box is 100% made in America.

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