Badger Boxes are Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Allen Trench Safety designed Badger Boxes to be lightweight, easy to transport trench boxes that are durable enough to stand up to the rigors of any job. We also wanted to make sure that these badger boxes were compatible with other trench boxes we had sold previously, allowing our customers to continue using the safety equipment in which they have already invested.

We have gained a deep understanding of trench work during our twenty-plus years in the industry. We know that every trench job is different, with its own unique challenges. To that end, we set out with the goal of creating a trench box that is versatile, adaptable, customizable, and simple to use. The end result is our line of Badger Boxes, which are must haves for plumbers, utility workers, general contractors, municipalities, and any other company who does trench work. Contact us for more information.


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