Badger Pro Series Boxes with More Room for Larger Jobs

With the Badger Box Pro Series, your workers get the same reliable protection with more room in which to work for larger jobs. With the extra room, your workers won’t feel as cramped as they finish their work, with our 4×7 Pro Series and 2×7 Pro Series options giving you an extra 20 inches of workspace between the spreaders. The pro series is also designed to handle a greater depth rating, with our 4×7 Badger Box having a 10” rating, whereas the 4×7 Pro Series is rated for a depth of 14 feet. Our 4×7 Badger Box Pro Series also has a lifting lug option, which is currently unavailable with our standard 4×7 Badger Box. Get superior trench protection your workers deserve with all of the options they need to get the job done safely and efficiently. For more information about our Pro Series Badger Boxes, feel free to contact us.

Exclusive to the Badger Box Pro Series:

  • 4×7 Pro Series and 2×7 Pro Series Sizes Include 65 Inches Of Workspace Between Spreaders – 20 Inches More Than Standard Badger Boxes
  • Badger Box Pro Series Can Be Fitted With Lifting Brackets For Easier Setup
  • Greater Depth Rating For Greater Versatility


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