The Best Trench Safety Equipment on the Market

Allen Trench Safety works hard to provide trench workers throughout the country with the best possible protection to help them get their work done safely and efficiently. Our Badger Boxes are durable, easy to use, and compatible with other trench safety products we have sold in the past. For more information about these products or how to place your order, please contact us.

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No-Nonsense Safety: Why Badger Trench Boxes Lead the Pack

Today, we’ll be digging into the core of why Badger Boxes lead the pack when it comes to a no-nonsense approach to on-site safety.

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Trench Box Issues with Accessories that Meet Customer Needs

Allen Trench Safety takes pride in manufacturing top-tier trench shoring equipment, featuring our tough, durable Badger Box. Crafted from strong yet lightweight aluminum, the Badger Box provides exceptional protection for trench workers across various industries.

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Badger Boxes in a Variety of Sizes for Your Trench Safety Needs

Allen Trench Safety has worked diligently to create the most reliable trench safety equipment on the market. The years of hard work have resulted in our line of Badger Boxes, which provide superior protection to trench workers in a variety of industries.

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Get Badger Boxes in a Variety of Sizes

Having the proper trench safety equipment is not only important to ensure the safety of your workers, but it also helps you stay in compliance with OSHA and other government guidelines.

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Get Superior Trench Safety with Badger Boxes

At Aluminum Trench Box, trench safety is our passion and our ultimate goal, which is why we work diligently to offer clients throughout the country the very best trench safety equipment in the industry.

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Trench Safety Equipment that Meets OSHA Requirements

Trench work poses a number of challenges throughout the work day, and those challenges differ from job to job. One of the challenges that occurs on every jobsite is staying in compliance with OSHA regulations.

We Listen to Our Customers and Find Solutions to Their Trench Box Issues

Allen Trench Safety builds the strongest, most durable trench shoring equipment on the market – the Badger Box. These trench boxes are made of a strong yet lightweight aluminum that provides excellent protection to trench workers in a variety of fields.

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Badger Boxes Provide Protection for Projects of All Sizes

Badger Boxes from Allen Trench Safety are some of the most reliable trench safety products available.

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Read What Customers are Saying About Our Strong, Durable Badger Boxes

Badger Boxes, made by Allen Trench Safety, have quickly become the standard for trench safety equipment for companies throughout the United States and beyond.

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Badger Boxes for Superior Trench Safety

Allen Trench Safety offers Badger Boxes to clients throughout the United States for superior, efficient trench safety. We understand the importance of effective trench safety and the many challenges that trench workers face every day on the job.

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Badger Boxes Available in Sizes You Need

Trench work requires dependable safety equipment to protect the workers and stay in compliance with all appropriate OSHA guidelines.

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Allen Trench Safety would like to welcome you to our new website, focusing on the best trench safety equipment you will find anywhere in the market: Badger Boxes.

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