Solutions to Your Trench Safety Challenges

Badger Boxes by Allen Trench Safety have a number of great features and add-ons that provide solutions to the challenges you and your workers face when on the job site. From adjustable spreaders for wider trenches to stacking kits for protection in deeper trenches, we have effective solutions that allow you to customize your Badger Boxes for your specific needs.

You Asked For it. We Delivered.

We listen to our customer base, so we understand the challenges they face during the workday. This has allowed us to provide them with effective solutions to these challenges, so they can focus on the job at hand. We have created no-slip stack kits to prevent them from falling through into the box. We have improved our leg kits with a wider 5×5 foot pad to prevent boxes from sinking into the mud. We have also included lifting brackets on our Pro Series Badger Boxes to make them more user-friendly. These are just a few examples of how we are always looking to improve on our Badger Boxes to make your workday go more smoothly. Contact us with your feedback about how Badger Boxes work for your business.

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