Badger Boxes Available in Sizes You Need

Trench work requires dependable safety equipment to protect the workers and stay in compliance with all appropriate OSHA guidelines. Allen Trench Safety has a selection of durable Badger Boxes that can accommodate those needs while also increasing efficiency for your workers on their jobsites. They are also designed for long-term durability, so they will always be ready to go when you need them. In today’s post, we will discuss the versatility available to you with the various sizes of Badger Boxes, locking panels, and spreaders we have available for your trench safety needs.

We Have Badger Boxes Available in Different Sizes

Our badger box trench safety equipment is available in four different sizes – 4ft x 5ft; 2ft x 5ft; 4ft x 7ft; and 2ft x 7ft – allowing you to pick the right product appropriate for the bury depth needed to complete your work. These Badger Boxes are made of a lightweight aluminum that offers a unique combination of strength and portability that allows setup to be completed by a two man team. They are easy to transport, as well, because they fit nicely in the back of a normal sized pickup truck or small trailer. These Badger Boxes are stackable with the addition of our No-Slip Stack Kits. You can also add one of our Leg Kits that feature 5ft x 5ft foot pads, giving you 4 times the ground coverage and preventing the Badger Box from sinking into softer soil.

The Badger Box Pro Series Offers Greater Work Space

Our Badger Box Pro Series was specially designed to provide you with a wider space in which to work. These products can be enhanced with the same Leg Kits and No-Slip Stack Kits for greater versatility, and they are also designed to accommodate our Lifting Brackets that feature a D ring for easier lifting. You can complete your trench safety needs with End Locking Panels, Stock Spreaders, and even Adjustable Spreaders for more specialized projects. Do you need custom-sized Badger Box for a specific purpose? Feel free to contact us, and we can discuss the options available to you.

If you are in the market for trench safety equipment, Badger Boxes from Allen Trench Safety are the best options available on the market. We can ship your Badger Boxes to you throughout the United States, so take a look at our product line and let us know which option works best for you.

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