Badger Boxes for Superior Trench Safety

Allen Trench Safety offers Badger Boxes to clients throughout the United States for superior, efficient trench safety. We understand the importance of effective trench safety and the many challenges that trench workers face every day on the job. This is why we have specifically designed Badger Boxes to meet those safety needs and provide solutions to their challenges. The Badger Boxes are lightweight enough for easy setup and sturdy enough to provide sufficient protection for all types of trench work. In today’s post, we will discuss the many benefits of using Badger Boxes for your trench safety needs.

Easy to Transport and Setup

Badger Boxes have been specially designed to be assembled and put into place by a two man team. This means that your workers can get to the task at hand more quickly. Once the job is done, the Badger Box can be easily stored in the back of a standard sized pickup or a small trailer. By minimizing the amount of setup and breakdown time, you will benefit from a more efficient job site, giving your workers more time to focus on finishing the work. Read what Badger Box users have to say about our products by clicking the button below.


Trench Safety Equipment That Meets OSHA Standards

Our selection of Badger Box trench safety equipment was all designed with safety in mind, including OSHA Guidelines. No matter what the depth of your trench is, we have effective Badger Boxes that are the perfect size for the appropriate bury depths. We also offer No Slip Stack Kits that allow you to stack Badger Boxes for deeper trenches. We have Leg Kits that feature 5ft x 5ft foot pads to keep them from sinking into muddy surfaces. We also offer Lifting Brackets for our Pro Series Badger Boxes to make them easier to lift with heavy equipment. We are always looking for ways to improve our Badger Boxes and help solve the problems you face out in the field, so Contact Us and let us know how we can assist you.

No matter what sort of trench work your company does, Allen Trench Safety’s Badger Boxes are the perfect solution to keep your workers safe and productive. Our selection of trench safety products are also compliant with OSHA laws, making them the perfect solution for your trench safety needs. Take a look at our brochure for more information.

Worker in trench