Badger Boxes in a Variety of Sizes for Your Trench Safety Needs

Allen Trench Safety has worked diligently to create the most reliable trench safety equipment on the market. The years of hard work have resulted in our line of Badger Boxes, which provide superior protection to trench workers in a variety of industries. From simple plumbing work to larger municipal jobs and everything in between, workers have come to depend on Badger Boxes to protect them while they complete their work. In today’s post, we will discuss the various sizes of Badger Boxes and the accessories that you can use to get greater use out of them.

Badger Boxes in the Sizes You Need

Not all trench jobs are the same size, so you need safety equipment that fits the task. Allen Trench Safety offers Badger Boxes and the Badger Box Pro Series in four sizes – 4×5, 2×5, 4×7, and 2×7 – allowing you to pick the size(s) that best fit the trench work you do. The five foot models have 40 inches of workspace between the spreaders, while the seven footers offer 45 inches, though you can get our Badger Box Pro Series seven footers have 65 inches between spreaders, giving you nearly two extra feet of space in which to work. Can’t find the size you are looking for? We can provide you with Badger Boxes made at a custom size for your needs. Contact us to get more details about custom Badger Boxes.

Effective Trench Safety Protection That is Easy to Use

Badger Boxes are constructed using a strong yet lightweight aluminum that make them incredibly strong and easy to use. Unlike heavier options, these Badger Boxes can be put in place by one or two people, decreasing the time it takes to get set up and working on the task at hand. These boxes, which meet all current OSHA guidelines for trench work, are easy to transport, as they fit in the back of a normal pickup truck or small trailer. The result is a much more efficient operation with less time required to set up and takedown the work site. We can also provide you with accessories, like stacking kits for added depth and foot pads for increased stability in softer soils. No matter what sort of trench work your company does, you can count on Badger Boxes from Allen Trench Safety to keep your workers safe. Contact us for more information about our line of Badger Boxes.

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