Badger Boxes Provide Protection for Projects of All Sizes

Badger Boxes from Allen Trench Safety are some of the most reliable trench safety products available. Providing superior protection while also keeping your worksite compliant with OSHA guidelines, Badger Boxes are perfect for trench work of all sizes and scopes, keeping your workers protected and giving them the peace of mind to focus on the task at hand. In today’s post, we will discuss how Badger Boxes can help your trench workers complete their work more safely and efficiently, no matter what sort of trench work they need to complete.

Different Sized Badger Boxes for Different Sized Jobs

When it comes to trench safety equipment, one size does not fit all. Different jobs require different bury depths, meaning that each job has its own unique challenges, especially when it comes to safety. We offer our badger boxes in four different sizes – 4ft x 5ft; 2ft x 5ft; 4ft x 7ft; and 2ft x 7ft – so no matter what sort of work you’re doing, you can get the right size equipment to accommodate the appropriate bury depth for the task at hand. These trench boxes, which can be easily setup by a two man crew, can be stacked using one of our No-Slip Stack Kits to ensure stability and safety no matter how deep you need to dig. We also offer 5ft by 5ft foot pads, offering more ground coverage to keep the legs from sinking into softer soil and enhancing the stability of the Badger Box.

Get Our Pro Series for Increased Space in Which to Work

For companies who require a wider usable space in which to work, we offer our Badger Box Pro Series, which offers an extra 20 inches of workspace for the 2ft x 7ft and 4ft x 7ft box sizes. These Pro Series boxes are also compatible with the No-Slip Stack Kits and Leg Kits that allow for stacking and increased stability. The Pro Series are designed to allow the addition of our Lifting Brackets, featuring a D ring for more easier lifting. You can also enhance these boxes with End Locking Panels, Stock Spreaders, or Adjustable Spreaders for projects with specialized needs. If you need a custom-sized Badger Box for a unique project, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We can work together to find an effective solution. We look forward to meeting your trench box needs.

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