Get Badger Boxes in a Variety of Sizes

Having the proper trench safety equipment is not only important to ensure the safety of your workers, but it also helps you stay in compliance with OSHA and other government guidelines. Allen Trench Safety has you covered on both fronts with a selection of strong Badger Boxes that can protect your workers while also maintaining OSHA compliance and even increasing efficiency on the jobsite. These Badger Boxes are designed to last a long time, making them an outstanding investment for any company that does trench work. We have these boxes in sizes that are perfect for small residential jobs on up to larger municipal or industrial projects. For more information about the various sizes and enhancements we have available, please read further.

Get the Size You Need for the Work You Do

Our basic badger boxes are available in four different sizes, allowing you to pick the perfect option for the work you do and the bury depths you need to complete that work. Made of a lightweight aluminum that makes set up a breeze, our Badger Boxes come in 4ft x 5ft; 2ft x 5ft; 4ft x 7ft; and 2ft x 7ft sizes that can be easily transported in the pack of a normal-sized pickup truck or a small trailer. For deeper bury depths, you can get our No-Slip Stack Kits that allow for easy stacking. You can also increase stability and prevent the boxes from sinking into the soil by adding one of our leg kits that give you 4 times the ground coverage with 5ft x 5ft foot pads. For more information about our Badger Box specifications, you can download our brochure by visiting our Badger Box Literature page.

Get Increased Work Space with the Badger Box Pro Series

If you find that the original Badger Box doesn’t provide ample space for your staff to complete their work, we offer the Badger Box Pro Series, which offers up to 20 inches of increased space in which to work. The Pro Series are constructed of the same strong aluminum, so you get the unique combination of reliable protection and more freedom of movement as you complete your trench work. The pro series Badger Boxes are also compatible with our Leg Kits, No-Slip Stack Kits, End Locking Panels, Stock Spreaders, and other accessories you may need for your specific industry. No matter what your trench safety needs are, you can count on the professionals at Allen Trench Safety to provide you with effective, reliable solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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