Trench Box Issues with Accessories that Meet Customer Needs

Allen Trench Safety takes pride in manufacturing top-tier trench shoring equipment, featuring our tough, durable Badger Box. Crafted from strong yet lightweight aluminum, the Badger Box provides exceptional protection for trench workers across various industries. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of setup, operation, and transport, facilitated by its manageable weight, suitable for handling by just two individuals. Committed to continuous improvement, we have actively engaged with our clients to enhance our Badger Boxes based on their valuable feedback.

Stack Badger Boxes Safely and Effectively

Addressing concerns about the process of stacking Badger Boxes, we introduced the No Slip Stack Kits in response to customer input. These kits prevent the stacking kits from falling into the box during pin removal, significantly improving the stacking procedure. The result is a more stable stacking arrangement, contributing to improved operational efficiency, allowing trench workers to focus on the task at hand.

Stability in Softer Soil or Mud

Responding to challenges encountered in softer soil or mud, we introduced our Leg Kits which feature a 5″ x 5″ foot pad, offering four times the ground coverage. This enhancement prevents the feet from sinking into the mud, ensuring greater stability for the Badger Boxes and eliminating the need for workers to extract sunken feet from the ground.

Increase Efficiency with Our Lifting Brackets

To address concerns about the lifting process for our Pro Series Badger Boxes, we developed a user-friendly lifting bracket. This innovation simplifies the attachment of slings, significantly enhancing your ability to lift the Badger Boxes and increasing efficiency at every worksite where you need to use them.

For those seeking effective protection for trench workers through strong, well-designed equipment, we invite you to contact us and inquire about our Badger Boxes, which are available in various sizes. We can even work with you to create custom sizes. Increase the the safety and efficiency of your operation with the industry’s best equipment – contact Allen Trench Safety today!

Worker welding Badger Box