We Listen to Our Customers and Find Solutions to Their Trench Box Issues

Allen Trench Safety builds the strongest, most durable trench shoring equipment on the market – the Badger Box. These trench boxes are made of a strong yet lightweight aluminum that provides excellent protection to trench workers in a variety of fields. They are also easy to setup, use, and transport, due to being light enough to be handled by two men. However, our clients have reached out to us with ways in which we can improve these quality trench boxes, and we listened. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the accessories that we have designed to make our Badger Boxes even better through the suggestions of our customers.

Making the Boxes Easier to Stack

One of the suggestions we got had to do with stacking the Badger Boxes: “The stacking kits fall through into the box when removing the pins, creating a huge pain for the guys in the field. Can you fix this?” We went to work and came up with our No Slip Stack Kits. These kits allowed the Badger Boxes to be stacked safely without parts falling into the box. These kits resulted in more stable stacking and easier use for the trench workers. This helps keep the workers on task and increases efficiency.

Preventing Legs from Sinking into Softer Soil

Some of our customers had difficulties with the feet on the boxes sinking into softer soil or mud: “The feet on the legs are too narrow and just sink into the mud. Can you make them bigger?” We did. We were able to design Leg Kits with a 5” x 5” foot pad, offering 4 times the ground coverage. With a wider base on all the feet, they will not sink as easily, making for more stability for the Badger Boxes, while also preventing workers from having to pull the feet out of mud.

Making the Boxes Easier to Lift

For our Pro Series Badger Boxes, we got a question regarding lifting the boxes: “Attaching the sling to the collars is not very user friendly. Can you put a D ring somewhere?” We were able to design a simple lifting bracket that can be used with our Pro Series Badger Boxes, making them much easier to lift with slings, increasing the efficiency at every worksite on which they are used.

If you would like to protect your trench workers with the best equipment on the market, contact us and ask us about Badger Boxes, today!