Trench Safety Equipment that Meets OSHA Requirements

Trench work poses a number of challenges throughout the work day, and those challenges differ from job to job. One of the challenges that occurs on every jobsite is staying in compliance with OSHA regulations. Doing so not only ensures that your employees are safe, but it also protects your business against sanctions and fines that can be problematic for your day-to-day operations. Allen Trench Safety offers the best available protection for your trench workers and your business in the form of our Badger Boxes. In today’s post, we will discuss the peace of mind you can get by implementing these Badger Boxes for your trench safety needs.

Proper Support for Proper Bury Depths

The deeper the trench you are working in, the more protection you need against trench collapses. We offer a range of strong badger boxes that will meet the depth rating requirements you need to successfully complete all the work on your schedule. We also offer our no-slip stacking kits that allow you to stack the badger boxes for deeper trenches. So whether you are doing simple residential work, larger industrial projects, or even work for municipal utilities, we can provide you with trench safety equipment that will keep your employees protected. Click on the button provided to see a brochure complete with C-60 Depth Ratings.

Badger Box Brochure

Increased Safety – Increased Efficiency

The time you spend setting up and taking down your equipment is valuable time that could be spent doing more important things. This is another advantage to protecting your workers with Badger Boxes from Allen Trench Safety. The boxes are designed for easy set-up and modification, saving you valuable time out in the field. They are also easy to take down and load into a standard sized pickup or small trailer, making transportation easier logistically. By reducing set-up and take down times, you and your crew will be able to get to work and finish the job more quickly. This keeps you and your clients on schedule while also ensuring superior protection no matter what type of trench work you need to complete.

At Allen Trench Safety, we are committed to keeping trench workers safe in any sort of working environment. We even work to make continuous improvements that solve problems our clients have faced out in the field. For more information about our Badger Boxes or to place your order, please contact us today.

Man working in trench with excavator